Demanding tasks require innovative solutions.

Spiral Up 

Liberty's Spiral Up workflow combines our customers' data and experience with Liberty's optimization tools, databases, and expertise to create value. Value comes from lowering the cost to produce a barrel of oil. Increasing well productivity in the most capital efficient way means better wells. 

Production Assessment

Liberty maintains massive databases with production and completion data that can be quickly assessed through its FracTrends viewer. This data is also used for a deeper statistical evaluation with LibertyMVA to determine which completion and geological parameters independently drive production. Liberty’s Texas’ completion data is second to none, as many operators have shared their completion data in exchange for participation into Liberty’s Better Well Consortium. This provides a useful “big picture” starting point for any frac design.

Frac Design

Liberty reviews past frac experience to determine critical design issues, problem areas, additional data requirements, improve perforation cluster efficiency, and develop frac sequencing that maximizes surface area or minimizes screen-out potential. In addition, we can help design frac hit mitigation.


Liberty’s Engineering Team can meet your fluid system requirements and help determine which chemical additives provide the healthiest long-term economic solution for your well. We assist in the coordination and evaluation of laboratory and field tests required to support your stimulation program.

Proppant Selection

Liberty conducts conductivity testing and regained proppant pack permeability testing on all its proppant and fluid systems, helping our customers to select an economic and measured proppant solution.

Real-Time Engineering

On the job we can help with DFIT support, maximize perforation cluster efficiencies and diverter decisions. We perform analysis of diagnostic data (DFIT’s, mini-frac and other injections) to obtain basic analysis anchor points and to help estimate achieved fracture dimensions. Our real-time WellWatch measurements keep a close eye on possible frac hits to help minimize production interference.

Production & Economics

We conduct fracture model calibration that ties in directly measured fracture dimensions with net pressure history matching, to provide a fracture design tool that is tied to real measurements. In conjunction, we perform production data analysis and reservoir modeling and evaluate and reconcile well production response and evaluate production sensitivities to frac design and wellbore placement changes. These solutions help minimize the cost to produce a barrel of oil, a guiding principle in all Liberty’s engineering work.

Liberty Frac Trends

Liberty continuously mines and double-checks completion and production data available in the public domain, and brings this all together in a versatile data viewer that allows for super-flexible filtering and cross-plotting to help understand completion trends and their impact on production. We publish these basin frac trends for every liquid-rich basin in the US in an online viewer.

Liberty Fraconomics

Liberty’s multi-variate analysis (LibertyMVA) identifies completion parameters that independently impact production. Using this information in conjunction with job and well cost allows us to determine the optimum range for these completion parameters to help a customer minimize cost per barrel of oil produced, or $/BOE.