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Liberty Launches Liberty Power Innovations

April 10, 2023

Liberty announced today the commercial launch of Liberty Power Innovations (LPI), an integrated alternative fuel and power solutions provider for remote applications. LPI’s initial focus is on compressed natural gas (CNG) supply, field gas processing and treating, and well site fueling and logistics. The oilfield is undergoing a generational technology shift in fuel use from…

Chris Wright, Chairman and CEO at Liberty Energy, Episode 175 The WOW Factor Podcast

March 15, 2023

Listen here. Our guest on this episode of the Wow Factor podcast is Chris Wright, the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Liberty Energy. Chris has an impressive background in the energy industry, having worked in oil and gas, fusion, solar, and geothermal energy. He founded Pinnacle Technologies at the young age of 27…

Human Liberty Through Energy Access: 2022 Annual Report

March 7, 2023

Liberty had an outstanding year in 2022. Download a PDF copy of the Liberty Energy 2022 Annual Report here.

Liberty Energy featured on Military Makeover

February 20, 2023

Liberty was recently featured on Military Makeover’s Operation Career, a show that travels the country, capturing stories of veterans transitioning out of the military and back to civilian life. We discussed our approach to hiring, training, and retaining talent and why we love having veterans on the Liberty team!

Liberty CEO, Chris Wright, Responds to WSJ Article

February 6, 2023

This weekend the WSJ wrote an article on some of my efforts to communicate to the public about energy and climate change, and LinkedIn’s censorship, then reversal of that censorship decision.  I am pleased that the WSJ wrote a piece about my education efforts as it draws attention to these critical issues. Unfortunately, they titled…

Straight Talk from an Insider on Global Energy, Climate, and the Shale Revolution

January 18, 2023

Chris Wright, Liberty Energy CEO, joins Heritage to discuss the shale revolution and potential for human betterment provided by energy-intensive fuels Full interview here.

“Zero Poverty 2050”

January 17, 2023

Progress only matters if you are pursuing the right goals. Our current energy and unfolding food crisis is the product of pursuing the wrong goal. – Chris Wright, Liberty Energy CEO. Watch the full video here.

Honoring Entrepreneur, Humanitarian Chris Wright as ‘Wildcatter of the Year’

November 4, 2022

DENVER – Western Energy Alliance will honor Chris Wright of Liberty Energy, Inc., with the Wildcatter of the Year award in recognition of his achievements in community service and business. Wright has demonstrated success as a data-driven, technology-focused energy entrepreneur and dedicated humanitarian who has educated policy and community leaders around the world on the benefits of…

No Apologies: Oil & Gas CEO Challenges ‘Ridiculously Hypocritical’ Policies Of North Face by Kevin Killough, Cowboy State Daily

November 3, 2022

News about oil and gas, especially in the national press, tends to be negative. Oil companies are often vilified in the media that oil executives won’t talk to reporters at all, much less respond to accusations their industry is doing more harm than good. Chris Wright, CEO of Liberty Energy Inc., offers no apologies for…

Liberty Energy CEO Chris Wright Sees a Path to Net Zero Poverty by 2050

November 3, 2022

Chris Wright, Chair and CEO of Liberty Energy (NYSE:LBRT), thinks we are under valuing threats to global energy supply and its potential impact on our quality of life. Chris began his career developing the science behind fracking, allowing the United States to tap the resources to become a net positive energy producer. He is now…