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“How Biden could lower oil and gas prices” – Yahoo Finance

April 8, 2022

“You have a public campaign against us, which is increasing the cost of capital,” Chris Wright, CEO of Liberty Oilfield Services, tells Yahoo Finance. “Why don’t we stop the public trashing of our industry. If we could do that, we’d be more inclined to invest more. Dial back the all-of-government war against hydrocarbons.” Read full…

The Realities and Pitfalls of the Presumed Energy Transition featuring Chris Wright and Evelyn Lim

April 7, 2022

The Realities and Pitfalls of the Presumed Energy Transition featuring Chris Wright and Evelyn Lim Listen to the podcast here. A substantial portion of United States policymakers and citizens tout an accelerated “energy transition” away from fossil fuels. But what does this mean? What would it entail? What are the costs associated with such a…

Business Brief: With gas prices up, Liberty Energy CEO shares solutions

March 28, 2022

Ryan Frazier talks Liberty Energy’s CEO, Chris Wright, about how the oil and natural gas industry can help lower prices at the gas pump.  Full interview here.

Steamboat Institute Energy & Climate Conference: Why an ‘All of the Above’ Energy Strategy, including Oil, Gas and Coal, is Essential

March 16, 2022

Liberty CEO, Chris Wright, joined Aurelia Skipwith Giacometto on the “Why an ‘All of the Above’ Energy Strategy, including Oil, Gas, and Coal is Essential” panel at the Steamboat Institute’s “The Nexus of U.S. Energy Policy, Climate Science, Freedom and Prosperity” event this past weekend. Watch Chris’ panel here and the rest of the incredible…

A Legacy of Innovation: 2021 Annual Report

March 14, 2022

A Legacy of Innovation: Our 2021 Annual Report. Download a copy of the report HERE.

CNBC: “We’re growing U.S. oil production nearly a million barrels of oil per day, per year, says Liberty Oilfield Services CEO”

March 14, 2022

Chris Wright, Liberty Oilfield Services CEO, joins ‘Power Lunch’ to discuss how close to capacity Liberty Oilfield is operating, what would happen to profits with production increases and more. Watch the full news clip here.

Chris Wright on the Ross Kaminsky Show 3/10/22

March 10, 2022

Liberty CEO Chris Wright had the opportunity to discuss the current state of oil and gas on the Ross Kaminsky show last week. Listen to the full show here.

Texas TED Talk: “Energy Poverty” with Chris Wright

February 1, 2022

“Energy Realism = Energy Humanism” – Robert Bryce. Chris Wright, Liberty’s CEO, had the opportunity to speak at the Texas Public Policy Foundation discussing the energy transition and energy poverty. Watch his full speech here.

Chris Wright at the Common Sense Conference Discussion on Capitalism

January 28, 2022

Chris Wright had the opportunity to join a panel of academics and business leaders in a panel discussion on “woke” capitalism at a conference hosted by the Common Sense Society in Palm Beach, Florida. Also on this panel, Alex Cranberg – Aspect Energy, Niall Ferguson – Hoover Institution at Stanford University,  and Michael Rectenwald- American…

Chris Wright Keynote Speaker at the 2021 Williston Petroleum Banquet

November 22, 2021

Liberty CEO, Chris Wright, had the pleasure of giving the keynote address at the 2021 Williston Petroleum Banquet. For the full write up on the event, visit: News coverage and event photographs are available on the Williston Herald website. Chris’ Keynote address will be available soon on his YouTube page.