Reducing Our Impact

"Partnering with Liberty has been essential to our success in urban operations.  Their commitment to safety, quiet and dust-free equipment, and efficiency is unmatched...."

-Tony Buchanon, CEO, Crestone Peak Resources

The Liberty Difference

Quiet Fleet

The Quiet Fleet represents a huge step forward in fracturing equipment. Noise levels are reduced by approximately 3X when compared to a conventional fleet. At 500 feet away, the equipment cannot be heard above ordinary conversation allowing our customers to be better neighbors.

Fire Suppression Systems

The Liberty Quiet Fleet are equipped with 3-stage fire suppression system on each piece of equipment, an industry first for a fracturing fleet.

Dual Fuel

Significant portion of the Liberty frac fleets are dual-fuel capable, allowing substitution of clean-burning natural gas for diesel on location.

Containerized Sand

Liberty utilizes a gravity-driven containerized sand system that eliminates the use of pneumatic blowers. This results in a significant reduction of noise and dust generated, providing a safer work environment for our employees.

Mobile Training Center

Liberty developed and deployed a Mobile Training Center which allows District HSE Managers to conduct additional safety trainings and meetings on location. This has minimized downtime and allowed us to tailor training to the needs of each customer.

Containerized sand minimizing dust exposure on location, creating a safer environment for our employees.