Improve wellsite efficiency while optimizing your reservoir connection

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Our wireline pumpdown perforating (PDP) services deliver industry-leading efficiency in North America with experienced teams and the right technology you for your unconventional wells. Our people, technology, and efficient practices help you maximize $/BOE.

Pumpdown perforating for multistage stimulation in unconventional wells

Pumpdown perforating is a wireline-conveyed method of completing horizontal wells. Fluid pumped from surface is used to convey a plug and perforating guns to a desired depth, where the plug is set and guns are fired, creating tunnels through the casing and cement and into the formation. The perforations provide reservoir access for subsequent fracturing operations.

Perforation tool for perforate oil and gas well to make the hole on production tubing to allow gas and condensate flow. Close up image of perforated gun carrier. Perforating gun swelling after firing.

Ensure your wireline services work hand-in-hand with fracturing operations

Pumpdown perforating is generally performed in conjunction with fracturing services. After each fracturing operation, a plug and perforating guns are lowered into the well and pumped down to isolate the completed stage and prepare the next stage for fracturing. This process is repeated until all stages in the well have been completed according to the well design.

Operations may be performed on a single well, or they may alternate between two or more wells on a pad. Liberty believes that creating a seamless transition between perforating and fracturing operations will greatly contribute to our already excellent operational efficiency.