Liberty provides expertise regarding fracture growth behavior and its impact on production performance, acquired through a pursuit of real-data analysis and decades of experience with calibrated fracture growth and reservoir modeling.

Trend-setting technologies, including:

Evaluate completion and production trends in a specific area using one of our extensive databases for US liquid-rich basins in conjunction with detailed multi-variate analysis.  This provides a useful “big picture” starting point for any frac design.

Review past frac experience to determine critical design issues, problem areas, additional data requirements, and develop a frac design generating a reduction in $/BOE.

Assist in the coordination and evaluation of laboratory and field tests required to support the stimulation program.

Perform analysis of diagnostic data (DFIT’s, mini-frac and other injections) to obtain basic analysis anchor points and to help estimate achieved fracture dimensions.

Conduct fracture model calibration that ties in directly measured fracture dimensions with net pressure history matching, to provide a fracture design tool that is tied to real measurements.

Perform production data analysis and reservoir modeling. Evaluate and reconcile well production response and evaluate production sensitivities to frac design and wellbore placement changes.