Quiet Fleet

3x quieter than traditional frac fleet

Since inception, Liberty has worked to minimize the potential nuisance from fracturing activity. Nearby residents may be affected by elevated noise levels, dust and truck traffic associated with fracking. Liberty is the first pumping service provider to address all three of these issues.

Liberty debuted the state-of-the-art Quiet Fleet in 2016. Sound reduction features lessen decibel levels by more than three-fold (10+ dB noise reduction) at every measured frequency from 20-20,000 Hz, as well as a reduction of 20+ dBC at the lower, most impactful side of the noise spectrum.

Sound levels at a standard 500’ setback from a Quiet Fleet™ frac location are now near the levels of a central air conditioning unit or typical indoor conversation. In fact, a Liberty Quiet Fleet™ as heard from 500’ away is almost twice as quiet as a conventional fleet located 1000’ away. In addition, Liberty Quiet Fleets are equipped with a fire suppression system, providing our crews with early fire detection. The Quiet Fleet shows Liberty’s strong commitment to finding solutions through innovative technologies.